It’s our choice


There’s been a lot of drama recently around Taylor Swift’s contract concerning photography at her concerts. The Montreal Gazette has a pretty succinct explanation of the contributing factors – click here to see them. From what I’ve seen, most of the concerns focus (so to speak) on part of the contract giving her organization the perpetualRead more

Picturing the Americas at the Art Gallery of Ontario


I was invited to attend the media event for the AGO’s upcoming exhibition – Picturing the Americas – Landscape Painting from Tierra Del Fuego to the Arctic. From what I understand it was originally conceived as an exhibit specifically of American work, and has expanded to include more than 100 landscape paintings from 10 countries. With theRead more

Behind the Lens – The Canadian Opera Company’s 2015 Production of the Barber of Seville


Here is a selection of my photos from the Canadian Opera Company’s 2015 production of the Barber of Seville, which opened last night. As usual, I made these images during the final dress rehearsal on Wednesday the 16th, after watching an earlier rehearsal on Monday the 14th. At three hours per performance, and another fourRead more

Choices We Make II – Effecting Changes


I’ve been going through photos tonight from the Toronto Burlesque Festival’s Crystal Menagerie show. I generally tend to do a minimal amount of post-processing, mostly to get exposure, sharpness and colour balance “right.” Sometimes I see an image that looks like it’ll benefit from a little more creative treatment. In this case it’s one from LavenderRead more

You’ll get a charge out of this – the Godox PB960 speedlight battery pack


When shooting performances, I never use a flash. It’s distracting for performers, the audience, and me, and usually ineffective anyway, given my distance from the stage. Many venues also don’t permit use of flashes anyway. I’m a Strobist at heart, though, and at some events, in a studio, or a posed setting, I have 5 Nikon Speedlights I can use,Read more

Sirocco – Canadian Opera Company Free Concert Series – Jan. 8, 2015


Here is a selection of my photographs from yesterday’s performance at the Canadian Opera Company’s Free Concert Series at the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre. To quote the COC’s description – “Award-winning dancer/choreographer Anjelica Scannura moves beyond geographical and stylistic boundaries searching for the obscure Arabic roots of flamenco. She is joined by her parents, master composer/flamencoRead more

A year behind the lens – my photo picks from 2014

Simone Osborne, Roland Wood, Evan Boyer and Giovanni Battista in

I have over 10,000 photos in the catalogue here for 2014 – not including all those I deleted once I’d made my selections. In a quick review, I’ve come up with 112 that I like. I wouldn’t say they’re all technically the best – some are more “souvenirs” of performances that I liked, or indications of potential work IRead more