Satan's AngelI’m back after a bit of a hiatus with a reminder that the Kickstarter campaign for Satan’s Angel: the Movie only has 9 days left to go. I’ve seen segments of it and for what it’s worth, I think it’s worth the investment. Think of it this way; You’re supporting a bit of Toronto history, since she appeared at the Victory Burlesque in 1969.

This photo and poster here are my handiwork, and you know, if you’ve seen my work lately, that I have a terrific image of her from last year’s Montreal Burlesque Festival (in my humble opinion), and you can see more of those by clicking here.

I’m not a burlesque devotee, but I am a fan of what I’d consider landmark performances and performers, and she certainly fits the bill. With less than $2100 to go over the next nine days, it’d be a shame if the producers don’t meet their target.

UPDATE – As of today – July 6 – they have about $458 to go…

UPDATE – As of today – July 7…target reached!