It’s been about 3 months since I last posted here. Summer was a mix of hard work, disappointments, realizations, and allergies (hayfever for me and the Itch for Bob the Dog), so it was a treat to be invited by the Canadian Opera Company to photograph an alternate cast rehearsal of their 2013 production of La Boheme. I find the earlier rehearsals particularly interesting because they’re a great opportunity to see the detailed work that goes into preparation for the final production – the stops, starts and discussions that take place during its final evolution. It’s also an opportunity to get the lay of the land before shooting the final dress rehearsal, as I’ve been doing for the past couple of years.

Here’s a small selection of the roughly 800 photos I made that night. Some of these have also been selected for use by the COC – you may have seen them in reviews and articles including this one in NOW magazine.

[slidepress gallery=’2013-09-26-boheme-picks’]

While I hope to continue to photograph the mainstage productions, one of the disappointments – self-induced – has been that I won’t be shooting the Free Concert Series this year. That’s because of another disappointment – a lack of enough paying work to cover the bills at present. It’s become pretty obvious that I need to find some sort of regular employment, and it would’ve been unfair of me to book a whole slew of concert dates, only to have to cancel them later. As a result, I decided it would be best to step back from the free concert season this year. Apart from hearing and seeing a lot of wonderful performances, the opportunity to develop my skills, gain experience shooting in some pretty challenging situations, and work with some great folks at the COC has been terrific. You can’t buy this kind of experience and exposure.