The Canadian Opera Company’s 2016 production of Carmen opens tomorrow night, and as usual, I was there to photograph a dress rehearsal this past Saturday night. This is a lovely production, aurally and visually. You definitely need to see it.

From a photographer’s perspective, I particularly liked the second act – the lighting, set and costumes made it look like a Hopper painting. Providing the company with images is somewhat of a rush job, as they like to see them the following morning to select the ones they’d like to use. After that I make a smaller selection for display on this site and

I generally only post-process images to get them to a point where they’re sharp, colour balanced, and otherwise adjusted to be suitable for use. Really, the set, lighting and prop designers do everything that’s needed to produce an image. This time, though, I was interested in seeing what I could do with some minimal Photoshoppery, in particular using the NIK software that Google recently made available for free here. This is quite a deal as the software suite used to cost around $500 US. You can see the results below in this photo of Anita Rachvelishvili, who plays Carmen in the primary cast.


Here’s another, featuring Sasha Djihanian as Frasquita. The edit here is a little more pronounced. I really like the NIK tools, as they simplify the process of achieving some great photo effects. The only question now is whether Google will continue to support them as they focus more on their mobile strategy.