happynewyear2013 was an interesting and rewarding year for me as a photographer. I moved into new subject areas, adding circus, fashion shows, acrobatics and wrestling to the mix, complimenting my burlesque, opera and other musical photography . My work has appeared far and wide now, with web and print presence, and posters in Covent Garden for the English National Opera’s production of Die Fledermaus, and inclusion in reviews and articles in the Globe and Mail, Star, Now Magazine and other media outlets, blogs and performers’ personal/professional websites.

I had a terrific gallery show of my work at Hangman Gallery (sadly, now closed) and once again have to thank Fionna Flauntit, Dolly Berlin and the Harlettes for their support, Canadian Wolfman for a brilliant and speedy title for the show, and Norm Betts and Tessa Wilmott for their work on the press release for the show.

The year also had its share of disappointments. Show sales were not good this year. I decided not to participate in the Artist Project – low sales vs. high costs made the decision for me, actually. The need to commit to regular paid work made it necessary to withdraw from photographing the Canadian Opera Company’s Free Concert Series – one of my favourite photo activities, and the one that got me started in this whole line of photography. I have to say I miss this more the anything else. I turned down a couple of events I’d done in the past here and in the US, because of terms I couldn’t agree to. And I did some work in areas where once is enough.

I still managed to make a hell of a lot of images – about 12000 in all. I’m glad I did it all, if for no other reason than being able to continue to ride the learning curve. I’ve made some great friendships doing this, and am looking forward to continuing the work. Here are the results: 236 (!) of my favourite images from 2013. You can click on the small icon at the lower right of the gallery to see the images full size.

Enjoy, and have a Happy New Year!

All images ©2013, Chris Hutcheson