Cherry Beach - December 14

Cherry Beach - December to enlarge

So far today I’ve been operating in procrastination mode – that “Let’s do anything to avoid doing what we really should be working on” strategy. This probably has something to do with waking up at 4:30 AM – again – this morning.

I’ve been neglecting landscape work recently in favour of event and performance photography. Really, it’s a hell of a lot easier to walk into a performance space or other venue where the subject matter is provided for you than thinking about where to go, what to shoot, what to do with Bob the Dog, the work I’m supposed to be doing, etc. And of course, I enjoy it.

But, I needed a break…

I try to always bring my trusty Canon G11 with me when I’m out, just in case there’s something to shoot, and yesterday morning there was, down at Cherry Beach. There was a bit of mist on the lake as a result of the warmer weather and sun had lit it quite nicely, so I took a few images.

At the same time, I’d added a new app to the mix on my iPad – Snapseed, from Nik Software. It’s essentially an image editorĀ  that lets the user add textures and filters to an image. It’s the iPad App of the Year, apparently, and I can see why. It’s easy to use, quick, and fun, and if you happen to have an iPad 2 or iPhone, and all-in-one quick and dirty photo studio. Certainly, if nothing else, it’s a great idea generator. It’ll read RAW files, though it seems to only output JPEG files, but I don’t see that as much as an issue, given the nature of the effects. I’ll know better when I print something, and that’ll be next on the list of work avoidance events taking place here today!