After over four months of work/packing things here at Casa Chris are now getting down to the short strokes. I’ve finished most of the painting/repair work, and am now down to smaller touchups, cleanup and staging, inside and out. I’m hoping to get this place on the market in about two weeks.

I’ve had more than a few people ask “Now that you’ve done all this work, don’t you want to stay here?”

No, I don’t. Not at all.

It’s not possible, economically. Simply put, I can’t afford to stay here, and that’s OK. It’s actually making me do what I should’ve done some time ago. The training business pretty well died over 5 years ago, and other than one steady gig, it won’t be coming back. Profiting from photography? Bwahahahahahahahaha!

It’s time to cash in on the house, pay off debts, and move on. I’ve been a freelancer for too long (since 1988) to move back into a corporate gig, even if I could find one I liked.  And at this age, in my experience anyway, there’s not a lot out there that would make staying here feasible.

It’s too small. Since I started photography/printing/framing, every room in the house has been loaded with frames, prints, computers, cameras, etc. It’s claustrophobic. I want a space where there’s a clear separation between home and work.

Most people at my age downsize; I need to move in the opposite direction with either a larger space, or one that better segregates live and work spaces. It’s either that or get rid of all the prints/frames and the large format printer. In some ways that would be liberating, but I’m not quite ready to go there yet. Particularly when larger space is affordable outside the GTA, allowing me to come in to do what I need to do without bankrupting myself.

I’m stagnating. Creatively speaking I’ve had a lot of great opportunities here and have made wonderful, creative friends. Personally, though, I feel like I’m standing still now. I’ve lived here for about 45 years. It’s time to try something different, while I still can. I know that in part this comes from lousy cash flow. It’s difficult to be creative when you’re always wondering where the next dollar is coming from.

I’ve been holding off on over-thinking what’s next, but whatever it is, it won’t be here.

And I’m OK with that.