Well, I’m glad moving day is over. I’m surrounded by boxes and quickly generating a list of amenities that I forgot to consider, such as cutlery trays that fit the drawers here, toilet paper, and food. Bob is sticking close to me, I can’t find my reading glasses, so this might be loaded with typos. In no particular order:

  • The apartment is big, and the space is better organized than the house. I can work with/this!
  • Bob stinks – hard to notice when the ambient aroma in the house, particularly with broadloom, was dog, more apparent here. Bath time, soon.
  • Nice neighbours – and there are a lot of them in a building this size. It seems busy ll the time.
  • The light from a wall of windows is terrific, and the place feels very spacious, even with the clutter at the moment. Ambient noise from the DVP, not so much. As much as I like an open window, I think we’ll be living more with in-house ventilation. It never stops out there. Fortunately the central air/ventilation is great. Same with in-bulding sound – not loud, but it will take some getting used to.
  • start.ca – my new internet service provider – is very much on the ball.  The tech (Rogers) was here earlier than scheduled, start phoned to confirm the install and let me know the modem didn’t seem to be working properly (it is now) and the speed, when tested, matches the specs. Better than Bell so far, and Bell was always pretty good.
  • Met Ali, the kid who works the front door security at night. He promptly asked to borrow a dollar for coffee. Good to get on the good side of people in high places. But wait, that’s me!.
  • El Cheapo Movers is terrific. We were early leaving the house, and they were done within the time frame I had for load-in.
  • Underground parking is great, but not so much when you’re almost a block from your particular building.. Hope to resolve that one.

So all i all, a mix of hits and misses. Earlier on in my life, some of the misses might have been deal breakers, but as an interim thing for the next year or so while I figure out what’s next for the long term I”m good with this.