I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I used to, but found I never followed through. I do have plans for the coming year, though, and plan to do my best to achieve at least a few things, namely:

Shake it up as far as photography’s concerned. I’ve been procrastinating about putting out some better (or any) promotion for the commercial work I do around performance and event photography. Time to get that going – I’m halfway there with images and a “look” – I “just” need to write the promo text now. Also, it’s time to hop back on the learning curve, and this year, that will look like more posed, lit, portrait work. I want to focus more on specific projects this year, though I still haven’t come up with any concrete ideas.

Manage the business more effectively. I have all the pieces in place, I just don’t use them all that well. I need to invoice more effectively/regularly for the paying work. I also need to cut back on work that doesn’t provide some sort of value – whether that’s leads, source material for fine art or commercial work, or filthy lucre. Not doing this has left me in a pretty perilous financial situation, and there’s no reason for that. I need to develop better more efficient processes for handling and distributing the photos I make.

Downsize and streamline. The purge has begun, and I need to step it up. World HQ currently looks like Hoarder’s Haven. I now use roughly 75% of the house for office, printing and framing work, and I need to organize that better. Anything not related to what I’m doing now needs to go. Be prepared for a fairly significant sale of older artwork later this year. The longer term goal will be to sell the house and move into something that makes more financial and practical sense for what I’m doing at this point in my life, but for the moment, I’ll be happy just to have more moving room here.

Keep in touch. I need to work harder to maintain contact with people. I’m used to working alone, like it, and, I think, generally do well, but I’m not so strong at maintaining relationships, particularly on the business side of things. Not good, needs to improve.

Enjoy all of this. This was a particularly stressful year, particularly the latter part. There were some good reasons for that, but I think I let it get out of hand. For the things I can’t change, I need to focus more on just letting them go, and for the rest, I’ll need to get better at saying “yes” and “no.”

I think that’s a pretty good list for the coming year. I’m looking forward to working on it, and working with all the terrific friends and associates I’ve made over the years. Happy New Year!