Here are some of my images from the dress rehearsal for the Canadian Opera Company’s 2014 production of A Masked Ball – currently on at the Four Seasons Centre until February 22. The terrific thing about dress rehearsals is that we (several photographers and videographers) have the orchestra section of the house pretty much to ourselves. While the performance is attended by students, it’s understood that the media folks have free reign to move around to get the images needed to promote the performance. This is typically where images for the COC website, Star, Globe and Mail, and other media outlets, blogs and twitter feeds come from.

This was a big set and the angles created some shooting challenges, particularly as far as perspective is concerned. It’s particularly visible in the  photo of the full set (image 4 in the gallery below) and the correction à la Photoshop’s transform perspective tool in image 5. The miracle of technology at work, here.

I thought a number of the images, particularly toward the end of the performance, were better suited to black and white. It was interesting to see that some of the promo materials for the performance followed this approach as well. Something about the era and costuming just seemed to work better this way.

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