Scarlett James at MBF to enlarge

As the year winds down like a cheap alarm clock, I thought I’d be wise catching up on all the images I took, as there will be many more to come in the new year. Here are 48 (!) images I made from this year’s Montréal Burlesque Festival.

I’m still going through all these images. Thanks go to Scarlett James for letting me any my fellow Hangman 7 members – Olena Sullivan, Toni Wallachy, Tim Neesam  and Ruth Gillson, shoot this event, and to all the terrific performers. Shooting burlesque performers has certainly produced a change in direction for a number of us as far as our artistic and business pursuits are concerned.

These images are best viewed enlarged – click on the small box at the lower right corner of the gallery to make that happen. If you performed at the festival and would like copies of your images, please contact me by clicking here.

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