Cherry Typhoon

Cherry Typhoon - click to enlarge...

With the Montréal Burlesque Festival coming up at the end of this month – and my bags packed – I thought I’d go through the zillions of photos  I took  last year and post some of my favourites here. There are, believe me, many, many more.

After the show I was able to get a batch these off to Scarlett James, who puts this terrific show together, prepare for our Hangman 7 show in November, and that was about it. I’m playing catchup now.

I’ll be shooting the entire event again this year, as will Olena Sullivan, Toni Wallachy, Tim Neesam, Ruseell Brohier and Ruth Gillson.  That includes the opening press conference, workshops, and three evenings of shows at Club Soda. With what looks like a great lineup, I’m anticipating a weekend of twirling tassels, and doubt I’ll have a moment to be boa’d…

Bob the Dog, meanwhile, will be camping north of the city on some acreage at Andrea’s Ark, so this will be an active weekend for both of us.

Click on the small icon on the lower right of the gallery below, to get full size images – I think this works better for these .

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