After some consideration – not a lot, really – I’ve decided it’s time to close the blog down. There are a couple of reasons for this:

I’ve run out of things to say. I haven’t really posted anything here since the start of 2017, and not a lot of what I posted was relevant to photography anyway. This site has been active since 2010 with about 247 posts – not bad, but it’s time to go.

I have too many websites., gardenofearthydelights,com,, and this one. Yikes! In the end I’m going to focus on and, both of which I still use. If I come up with anything to say, both those sites have blog capabilities, so I’ll post there.

I’m trying to simplify. I’ve been purging things around the apartment, time to do so online as well.

It’s been a good run, and it’s run its course. Time to move on! Thanks for visiting and we’ll see you on and/or