Today, it’s exactly 6 months since El Cheapo Movers loaded the truck and moved me from my house of 20 years to a rental apartment 42 stories up in the Tower of Power. I don’t regret having made the move. If another expensive repair had come along, I think I would’ve burned the place down, and that wouldn’t have endeared me to the other two row houses in our row.

There are some real standout advantages to living here:

  • No repair costs or repair work to do. Fill out a form, drop it off at the office and someone shows up to do the work.
  • No more scrambling for permit parking. I have a reserved underground space in a heated garage with a car wash/vacuum and tire pump.
  • No shovelling. We have people who do that.
  • At least two terrific park systems for walking Bob. We walk about 7 miles a day.
  • People living here who have dogs we walk together.
  • Finally, sufficient space (more than the house) to organize all my office/photo/music related equipment in one area, not throughout the house.
  • Reasonable (and controlled) rent for all that space including hydro, parking and a locker.
  • The ability to get everywhere within about the same time as I could when I lived at King & Parliament. 10 minutes more, tops, and seldom that much.
  • Dead quiet mostly and no flexy/squeaky floors.
  • Roughly 25 over the air channels, not all of them worth watching, but still…no need for cable.

And a few downsides:

  • No gas cooktop, and I miss all the cabinet space I had in my kitchen at the house.
  • You have to drive or bus pretty well everywhere. Once I can ride my bike again that should change.
  • At certain times of the day the elevators are worse than the Don Valley Parkway in rush hour. You don’t want to have to go back to get something you forgot.

On the overall, this was a smart move. I don’t know how long I’ll be here, but at the very least, it’s given me breathing space, financially and personally, to relax and figure out what’s next on the agenda.