I put this video together on the weekend as a response to what I think have been some assumptions about the amount of money I’m making (or not) with my fine art photography of performers. The fact is, I’m operating at a pretty significant loss right at the moment. The money I do make comes from the commercial work I’m doing – corporate events and work with larger scale performing arts organizations.

In addition to the costs I’ve mentioned in the video, I also provide performers whose work I exhibit with free signed and numbered copies of their image or a high resolution file for their personal/promotional use. Each one of those represents a real cost of the retail price of the print, since I limit the run of any given image to 10 finished prints and a maximum of 5 artists proofs.

Finally, for my current show at Hangman Art Gallery, a portion of the proceeds of any sales will go to the Canadian Burlesque Hall of Fame project or the Canadian National Youth Circus.

I’m not complaining, but I thought it might be worthwhile to clarify the way things are here at World HQ…