It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, and I’m going to start the fall by extending my hand for some assistance, though hopefully not without benefit to those of you who decide to kick something in. This isn’t a donation request, as I’m offering something you may find of value in return.

Bob the Dog

Bob the Dog

Bob the Dog needs to have a broken tooth removed, and it’s going to cost about $1300 according to the estimate. I have pet insurance – as a freelancer, I wouldn’t do without it. It’ll cover everything except a $500 deductible and another $100 of the total cost, so I need to get some cash together and frankly, the well here is pretty dry at the moment, particularly since I just dropped another $200 for prednisone for him for his regular summer case of The Itch from The Lake.

One way or another, I’ll pay the bill – there’s room on the credit line, if nothing else. I thought another option, though, might be to offer some of the images I’ve made of Bob (and Ray’s) favourite place (Cherry Beach) at a pretty good discount over the usual prices – more than 50% off. I’ve made a select set of images (click here to see them) available as downloads and prints at less than half the usual unframed prices – $5 for a download, and $30 a print.

Here are the details:

  • The prints are mostly 15″ wide by about 5.5″ inches tall. They’re signed, and printed (by me, personally) on a very nice matte/satin fine art stock. They’ll be wrapped in protective plastic and either mailed or available here at Casa Chris/Cherry Beach for pickup. They’re $30 each.
  • The downloads are 1366 pixels wide, which is apparently the most common screen width. Bear in mind that since they’re panoramic images or portrait size, they probably won’t fill (or will overflow) the height of your screen unless you set them up to fill the screen in your computer settings. They’re $5 each.

If you want the print mailed, I’ll send it to you in a tube. It costs me about $10 in materials and postage to do that, and that will be added to the price at checkout, as well as HST. Pick up, as I mentioned, is free – from me here or at the beach.

This offer is only in place until I have Bob in for the surgery, and then these prints will go back to normal pricing.