1963.30.32367In case you’ve been living with the wolves, the year is drawing to a close in the next few days. From where I sit, it’s been an interesting one, somewhat better than the last few, and next year looks promising, at least in some ways.

This was a successful year, I’d say, as far as photography is concerned. The commercial work I’ve done for organizations like the Canadian Opera Company, Literary Review of Canada and others has increased. My fine art series of images of burlesque performers has also done well, particularly since this has been the first year I’ve shown it exclusively. I was surprised to see renewed interest in some of my landscape work as well, though I’ve created exactly two new images over the past couple of years. One particularly successful image – Boulder – will be appearing, larger than ever, at the SNAP auction this year in support of the AIDS Committee of Toronto. I’ll have a show of landscape work in March as well, and will post details as they’re finalized.

Having said that, I plan to change things a bit this coming year. This will probably be the last year I participate in the Artist Project (this coming March at the CNE).  I love the show, but not the $3000 booth cost. Sales simply haven’t been strong enough to justify the fee. I’m also going to have to make some decisions about outdoor art shows. While I like doing them, the wear and tear on frames is wearing me down, and no amount of careful packaging seems to reduce the nicks and dings. And then there’s the wear and tear on my frame from carting prints, tents, racks, etc. across the fields and parks of the land. I’m hoping to show work more in indoor venues and through online sales, as well as developing the commercial side of my photography. Bob the Dog and I need to eat, and pay for what ended up being quite the investment in gear this year. I’ve been finding all of this interesting, challenging and a great way to ride the learning curve. Not to mention meeting a lot of interesting people – performers, clients, and other photographers.

I think 2013 is going to become the Year of the Portrait for me. I want to do more work in environments where I have some control over the lighting and setting, and I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Time to get moving. I’ve also turned down requests for headshots in the past – though I’ve made some good ones – and it’s time to get more skilled and confident with this.

I also hope to start offering printing services in 2013. More about this in the coming months, but if you’re looking to print work in sizes up to 44 inches on one side (and longer or shorter on the other) I’ll have something to offer.

On the training side, I’ll continue to run presentation skills workshops, and hopefully some train the trainer sessions, but realistically, I don’t anticipate a lot of work coming my way. I’m good at it, but haven’t pushed it. I do plan, though, to finally start offering some photo related training, mostly in the use of Adobe Lightroom for starters. I’ve started the design work, and should have something ready to roll in the 1st quarter of the year.

To my friends, family, and everyone I’ve met, worked with and photographed, have a great New Year’s Eve and terrific 2013!